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Betel visit on 6 March 2016

Betel of Britain is a group of caring, not-for-profit Christian communities in the heart of the UK dedicated to restoring homeless and long-term unemployed people to healthy, independent lifestyles. They train men and women in a wide range of life and employment skills, enabling them to rebuild a strong work ethic. All of their residences are drug- and alcohol-free and totally free of charge. Betel offer the opportunity of restoration to all persons who seek our help.

You may be familiar with the Restored furniture store in Gerrards Cross which is run by Betel.

At the Rock we love having visits from our friends at Betel. Their stories of how God has freed them from addiction and given them new hope are always inspiring.

They will be visiting us on Sunday 6th March. Everyone is welcome to join us, and learn what God is doing in this country.

Afterwards we’ll be enjoying a “bring and share” lunch. Everyone’s invited to come and share (even if you haven’t brought anything to share!)

Find out more about Betel UK.

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