Blockchain security solutions are compatible with many data storage systems. They can be used to protect data stored on particular blockchains. These tools are used to assess risks and analyze a blockchain ecosystem and identify dangers to data, apps, and digital assets.

These Blockchain security tools are often used to protect tokenized assets and smart contracts, and to detect fraudulent transactions and other security threats. Businesses can also use these tools to ensure that data is protected against possible risks and stored according to privacy and/or data security standards.

It may not have been designed specifically to secure a blockchain but other security software might have similar features that are similar to those in blockchain security software.

Top 10 Blockchain Security Tools

1. Hyperledger

Hyperledger is a collaborative project that aims to advance blockchain technology. It identifies and addresses key components of a cross-industry standard to distributed ledgers. This has the potential for transforming the way business is conducted around the globe. Hyperledger is an open-source software developed by the Linux Foundation.

It was built using the constantly evolving blockchain technology. It is not like other public blockchain platforms such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Instead, it uses a private blockchain. Hyperledger’s greatest feature is its ability to change all variables with just a few command-line commands. It’s easy to manage the size of consortiums.

Key Features:

  • Domain-specific
  • Expert security
  • Real-time reports
  • Effective results
  • Command-line options

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2. Storj

Storj allows anyone to sell extra hard drive space through an open-source distributed cloud storage system built on blockchain technology. Storj Block storage platform is decentralized and S3-compatible. You can easily store your data on Storj’s platform by using this. Storj’s best feature is the fact that your uploaded data is distributed over many servers across the globe rather than being kept on one server.

It doesn’t matter if one of your servers is on fire. You can still restore data. You can choose the closest server location using Storj’s options. Storj allows multiple buckets to be created on the free plan. Additionally, Storj provides API and other integrations.

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Key Features:

  • Multi-regional functionality
  • No lock-in
  • Automatic encryption
  • Reliable
  • Privacy via the edge

3. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is one of the most important privately-owned and growing information security companies in the world, They have 37 offices in 32 countries, and operate in more than 200 countries. Kaspersky has more than 3,300 highly-qualified employees. It is a global company with a global outlook and a strong focus on global markets.

According to International Financial Reporting Standards, the company’s sales in 2017 totaled 698 million dollars. This is an increase of 8% over the previous year. They are constantly innovating and offer protection that is reliable and practical.

Key Features:

  • Flexible options
  • Antivirus software that works in real-time
  • Anti-phishing
  • Performance optimization
  • Payment protection

4. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that helps in the conversion of illiquid assets to liquid ones. They offer enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for digitizing assets, opening markets, lowering operational costs, and helping customers launch new products and services. AlphaPoint has a New York office and serves clients across all five continents.

Distributed Ledger Platform AlphaPoint is a general-purpose permitted blockchain solution that gives developers the tools to quickly create and implement financial solutions. Digital Asset Exchange Solutions from AlphaPoint are available to manage a digital asset swap. Optional fully-hosted services. AlphaPoint makes it easy to launch and create your own digital currency and bitcoin exchanges in just 30 days.

Key Features:

  • Asset digitization
  • Security for enterprises
  • Real-time reports
  • Get effective results
  • Command-line options

5. AnChain AI

AnChain AI a top-rated AI security company, is an example of this. It finds and repairs vulnerabilities in exchanges, wallets, and blockchain protocols. To keep criminals and illicit funds away, you should use the best smart-contract intelligence. You can combat crime and take preventive measures with entity-level intelligence that is enhanced by AI across all the major blockchains.

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You can manage your digital assets’ risk and compliance easily with Know Your Wallet technology. AnChain.AI has created a predictive engine that can help identify suspicious transactions and address unknowns. Combining cutting-edge AI forensic capabilities and the most comprehensive smart contract intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Auto-tracing
  • Smart analytics
  • Real-time reporting
  • Management of cases

6. Apollo Currency

Apollo currency was created with the support of the Apollo Foundation. It has become the fastest, most private, and feature-rich cryptocurrency in the world by using a community made up of top developers, managers, and marketers. Apollo was created specifically to provide every popular cryptocurrency feature on one platform.

Apollo Currency is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that has reached its goal of becoming the fastest and most feature-rich cryptocurrency in the world. Apollo Currency’s proprietary mass adoption technology. Apollo has proven its capabilities while being designed with strict mass adoption requirements in mind. Apollo Fintech aims to provide all the common features on one platform that is sustainable.

Key Features:

  • Asset System
  • Secure Messaging
  • Blockchain File Storage
  • Alias System
  • Phased Transaction

7. Authlink

Authlink helps you ensure the success of your brand and customers ensure that the supply chain system of your company is transparent. Your brand and your customers will benefit if your supply chain is transparent. Your customers will benefit from innovative, transformative, and interactive digital experiences that are available before, during, or after the purchase of your products.

Use anti-counterfeit tools and digital brand protection tools for protecting the confidentiality of your company and product information. Their cutting-edge transparency solutions will help you address customer concerns and increase business sustainability within your company. Use the digital dashboard to get revolutionary insights about your consumer and supply chain and analytics to keep you one step ahead of your competition

Key Features:

  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Administration of User Access
  • Template Creation Wizard
  • Certificate Creation Wizard
  • Track & Trace
  • API Integration

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8. Bitfury

BitFury is a Bitcoin Blockchain security and fully integrated infrastructure provider. Bitfury Group’s history as a Bitcoin miner and provider of Bitcoin mining equipment has been leveraged to create a range of infrastructure products that will power the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It will also make digital assets more secure, sustainable, and usable. The companies employ cutting-edge technology to address tomorrow’s most pressing issues, from hardware and security to software.

Key Features:

  • Domain-specific
  • Expert security
  • Real-time reports
  • Effective results
  • Command-line options

9. Block Cypher

BlockCypher is a cloud-based, reliable, and scalable platform for blockchain that powers cryptocurrency apps. There are thousands of companies. ranging in size from startups to large corporations, rely on BlockCypher to incorporate blockchain into their applications. Your apps will benefit from their cutting-edge, fast, and powerful global infrastructure.

They have been providing top-notch APIs since 2014. They have no plans to stop. This allows you to create your app with no worries. The architecture allows the company to operate in multiple data centers and provides low latency and redundancy. They manage a number of distributed databases that store the entire blockchain’s transactional information.

Key Features:

  • WebHooks
  • Checkups
  • Payment Forwards
  • Email support

10. Chainkit

Chainkit is fast to identify attacks. Chainkit detects adversarial anti-forensic techniques used by attackers to extend dwell times and avoid detection. Chainkit creates a “Chain of Custody”, which protects your data and makes it easy to verify.

Chainkit, a cutting-edge tool for cyber security, provides absolute attestation and detects invisible threats faster. You can see hidden attacks in your data that go unnoticed. Chainkit will quickly detect and reveal the exact location of stealthy cyberattacks, giving you total confidence in your data integrity.

Key Features:

  • Premium support
  • Add-ons
  • Plans custom

Conclusion — Top Blockchain Security Tools

These are the top blockchain security tools that you should consider. They allow for a more detailed investigation of specific transactions, identities, ledgers, and identities. Blockchain security tools, however, facilitate data protection.