Bitcoin cash, more popularly known as BCH, is a cryptocurrency that offers fast and secure peer-to-peer transactions to users. Founded in the 2017 year after the hard fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain split off from its predecessor, intending to offer faster transaction speeds at lower fees. Miners play a crucial role here – they verify each transaction on this platform and are rewarded with new BCH tokens for doing so.


BCH payment gateway is encrypted on blockchain technology for security against fraud and identity theft while remaining incredibly low cost with next to no transaction fees – perfect for online shoppers looking to save money.

BCH payment system offers a range of highly appealing advantages for individuals and businesses. Bitcoin cash has minimal fees, the fastest transactions, and the most important security features to protect transactions and users’ data.


Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fast and straightforward process. Users only need to input their address, the recipient’s address, and the amount of BCH they wish to send. Using blockchain technology for validation ensures secure transactions – once validated by miners, it gets added directly into the blockchain with almost instantaneous speed.

In summary: minutes stand between you and successful money transfers via BCH payment gateway.

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